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ellie beanies are the most comfortable little legends that will ever be worn on your head.

with a perfect combination of gorgeous materials, a genuine leather ellie patch & label stitched on with love and ridiculously good colours; the quality of these beanies speaks for itself.

a must have on a mountain top, during those 5:00am icy game drives, and definitely after a cold morning surf with a warm cuppa.

they are kiff, sexy and super soft and a one size fits most.

a combination of 50% viscose, 22% nylon, 28% polyester.

as with our other products, and at the heart of our brand, each and every beanie, contributes towards and raises awareness about elephant conservation in africa, while keeping a family smiling with the ongoing legacy of a lost loved one. 

of course, these beauties come with an ellie and may sticker too.. kiss it, peel it, (kiss it again), peel away the square, and join thousands already marching around the globe with this mighty herd.

spread the love, spread the word, spread the herd. 


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